General Aquaculture

Research related to spawning, nursing and rearing of important aquacultural species like Chinese and Indian Major carps, Thai shorputi, Tilapia, Catfishes like Pangus, Shinghi, Magur, Golda chingri, Bagda chingri etc. are being carried out. Studies on the biology and feeding habits of small fishes such as Mola, Chela, Chapila etc. and their effect on carp culture are also being carried out. Monoculture of some popular carnivore fish such as Shol, Pholi and their predatory behaviour and pattern are being studied in laboratory and in the field. Optimisation of culture techniques of important culturable species in pond, cages, integrated culture of rice-fish-poultry culture of bull frog, pearl bearing mussels, breeding and culture of ornamental fishes, inclusion of predatory fishes in extensive or semi-intensive composite culture with carps and pond fertilisation are the research interest of this group.