Laboratory Facilities

Through the ODA-BAU link project "Support for Fisheries Training and Research in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh", the Department of Aquaculture has upgraded its research capacity. Under this project, two specialised laboratories viz. (1) Fish Nutrition, and (2) Fish Disease have been established. The Fish Nutrition laboratory is a modern laboratory of its kind in the country as well as in the region offering facilities for most of the analytical works for fish feed and feed-stuffs. The laboratory has also facilities for practical classes and commercial scale production of pelleted fish feed.

The Fish Disease laboratory is also a modern one with facilities for parasitological, baceriological and histological research works related to fish and shell-fish diseases. The department has indoor and outdoor research facilities for carrying out individual and Master's students research project. The indoor facilities include both static and recirculatory rearing system for carrying out nutritional and experimental infection experiments. The outdoor facilities include a number of experimental ponds adjacent to the Fisheries Faculty buildings as well as in the Field Laboratory Complex of the faculty. Moreover, for undergraduate practical classes and research two separate laboratories in Aquaculture and GIS and remote sensing are available.

The department is offering support services for the fish farmers in various aspects of aquaculture. These include assistance in the establishment of backyard hatchery, advice on nursing and rearing of fish fry, disease investigation and control measures, analysis of feed-stuffs and feed formulation for culturable species.